Vibe Bredahl

Along the Way
29th April – 21st May 2011

The exhibition takes the form of a large installation with drawings, wooden figures, porcelain sculptures and collage. Part of the exhibition is the work hjem ende vendt rejs (‘home over turned leave’), which is a little house or home that has been 'turned over', ransacked and abandoned - all that remains is the frail walls of the house as a set for a filmic process.

The journey through the exhibition already begins on the pavement in front of the gallery. The Way - a 20- metre long pink drawing that slowly fades in colour winds from the pavement in through the door and around the gallery on both floor and wall, only to end in the room farthest back, in the work End. If you follow the road around the exhibition you find porcelain figures scattered around, as well as the small transformations of the road. The figures wander through the whole exhibition, and are repeated in the collages and drawings around the walls. The road thus leads in and out of the works.

On closer scrutiny, Vibe Bredahl's playful, naivist style in the drawings reveals harsher themes than the ostensibly innocent first impression, such as loss and longing. Over the past few years Vibe Bredahl has worked with the series Mappings. The work Mappings black is the fourth in the series and consists of 24 individual drawings which together form a large 180 x 180 cm drawing. The 24 drawings are presented both as a frieze that runs through the second room of the exhibition and as a large work that includes a wealth of stories.

Bredahl is well known for creative a folk-tale-like narrative sequence in her exhibitions. They invite the viewer to interact with the works and in this case to follow the road around the exhibition and along the small side roads, one of which leads into the little house. But the impression of the house from the outside immediately changes when the viewer steps inside. The home has literally been 'overturned'. The shelf is full of figures that stand on their heads, just like the little chair and table, whose proportions fit the porcelain figure that is travelling out along the road around the exhibition.

Vibe Bredahl (b. 1974) graduated from the Visual Art School of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2000 and has since exhibited at a succession of museums around Denmark. She has been awarded a number of grants, including the Working Grant of the Danish Arts Foundation, partly for her artistic activities and partly for a series of artist books. In connection with the exhibition Along the Way the book Kortlægning ('Mapping') is being published, with the 24 drawings from the exhibition.