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Vibe Bredahl

The Journey

February 7 – March 1, 2008

We are pleased to present a major solo exhibition by the Danish artist Vibe Bredahl (b. 1974). Her show in Martin Asbæk Projects is like entering a Wunderkammer or art cabinet of the kind that every European prince would possess some decades ago. Here you were able to find curiosities from his native country mixed with more exotic items like for instance a necklace of beetle wings from Brazil or a microscope in silver and ebony.

Vibe Bredahl’s ”The Journey” presents a similar accumulation of odd and wonderful objects, drawings and photos. The works are presented in a total installation forming a thematically connected whole. It starts already in the windows facing the street where gigantic green type cases stuffed with things are inviting people to step inside Bredahl’s art cabinet.