Tjorg Douglas Beer

Snow in the Jungle
24 February – 17 March 2012

The German artist Tjorg Douglas Beer (b. 1973) is one of the most striking talents of his generation, and his artistic expression ranges wide. Installation projects, sculptures and especially work with painting in an expanded field are explored and are now being unleashed in the artist’s first solo exhibition, Snow in the Jungle, at the Martin Asbæk Gallery. The works are a personal sampling of impressions from everyday life with inspiration from popular culture, social and political aspects and many everyday impressions from Berlin and Hamburg, where the artist is active.

Tjorg Douglas Beer’s works are unpredictable, spontaneous, profoundly original and unique in expression. The idiom is colourful and raw, with both figurative and abstract elements.

Snow in the Jungle is the title of the new series of paintings that shows a number of utopian landscapes with misplaced persons either warming themselves at a fire or going exploring in the jungle. Painted ceramic sculptures scattered over the exhibition space are hardly distinguishable from child mannequins, but have a thoughtful, adult expression. The figures are painted and glazed and combined with contemporary materials like clothes, plastic bags. Some of the sculptures look like fascist children with mutated dogs, homeless people in military clothing, beggars or a fortune-teller on an oil drum.

Throughout the works, from sculptures to collages, the artist reflects on the political realities and social inequalities facing society. Despite the serious subjects the works have an ironically playful character.

The installations, such as Hirnwaschanlage – Brainwashing Plant from the exhibition at Mitchell-Innes & Nash in New York, Central Services from the Museum für Moderne Kunst in Bremen, Narkose#2 from Stadsgalerij in Heerlen and Future Islands from the Institut für Moderne Kunst in Nürnberg, deal with themes like the collective numbness of society, reli¬gious conviction, the political apparatus and the hopelessness of modern society.

In connection with the exhibition, a new publication UTOPIA ( StrzeleckiBooks 2012, Tjorg Douglas Beer „UTOPIA“ Text by Max Henry ) will be presented at the gallery.