Summer in the City 2014

8 August - 20 September 2014

Tjorg Douglas Beer, Niels Bonde, Elina Brotherus, Jesper Carlsen, Berta Fischer, Nicolai Howalt, Astrid Kruse Jensen, Eva Koch, Martin Liebscher, Søren Martinsen, Paul McDevitt, Sofie Bird Møller, Cornelius Quabeck, Hans Hamid Rasmussen, Maria Rubinke, Matt Saunders, Lisa Strömbeck, Trine Søndergaard, Ebbe Stub Wittrup, Clare Woods, Peter Bonde, Jesper Skov Madsen, Jan S. Hansen

Martin Asbæk Gallery is proud to present for the 9th time the annual group show Summer in the City, with gallery artists and this year three special invited Danish artists. The established Danish artist Peter Bonde presents a new painting with oil on mirror foil. The young upcoming artist Jesper Skov Madsen approaches the canvas with a powerful expressiveness and creates works in oil, acrylic, pigments and pen on canvas. The third invited guest is the conceptual artist Jan S. Hansen, who works with a wide range of media.

The media at Summer in the City range from embroidery by the Norwegian artist Hans Hamid Rasmussen to paintings both abstract and figurative by Clare Woods, Sofie Bird Møller, Jesper Carlsen, Tjorg Douglas Beer, Paul McDevitt and Cornelius Quabeck, who will have a solo later this year at the gallery. Video installations by Lisa Strömbeck and Niels Bonde. Sculptures and installations by Eva Koch and Maria Rubinke.

A series of new works by our photo-based artists will also be presented with great pleasure for the first time at the gallery. Trine Søndergaard has made three new Interior works, Nicolai Howalt, who recently had a solo show at Medical Museion in Copenhagen, will present a selection of works from the series Light Break. Astrid Kruse Jensen presents fragments of memories through old negatives from her family. The series is called Fragments Of Remembrance. The Finnish artist Elina Brotherus presents one work from the personal series Annonciation. Martin Liebscher, who is known for his works photographed in theatres around the world, shows a new work from the theatre from Wolfburg. By the American artist Matt Saunders, who we recently showed at the gallery will present two coloured works. Finally a series of new coloured photographs by Ebbe Stub Wittrup with inspiration from Matyushin’s guide to colour is not only shown at the gallery but also at the artist’s current solo show at ARoS