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Sara Koppel

Moving Women

12th March - 10th April 2010

Visual artist and animator Sara Koppel is exhibiting the work Moving Women in the two back rooms of Martin Asbæk Gallery. The exhibition is a hybrid of animation and painting.

Sara Koppel is one of the only animators in Denmark to keep the classic, hand-drawn animation film alive. A craft that created the great Disney classics and which the visual artist Sara Koppel both uses in animated films and carries over on to the canvas.

The work Moving Women consists of five animated paintings which, with the nude female body as the focus, explore aesthetics, sexuality and bodily motion. Common to the animated works is a slow, almost meditative motion that makes the beautiful bodies move calmly, softly and vitally in a sensual cycle that is a tribute to the female body.

Women’s bodies, sexuality and the erotic have been Sara Koppel’s main artistic preoccupation for many years now as a visual artist, and at inter¬national film festivals the world over she is Denmark’s absolute pioneer in erotic animation.

Sara Koppel says:
”I’m all fired up about spreading the idea of sexuality, the erotic and femininity as something beautiful, life-affirming and emancipated. The female body as beautiful and sexy, and rescuing female sexuality from boring, repressive stereotypes.”

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