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Sabine Dehnel

14th May – 5th June 2010

Long, slim legs in gaily coloured miniskirts, or a young girl in rhythmic motion - these are just some of the motifs in the exhibition Playground. The German artist Sabine Dehnel (b. 1971) homes in on the detail in paintings and photographs. Despite the fragmented look, the works are carefully staged.

Sabine Dehnel’s hallmark is her unorthodox interplay between painting and photography, which skews and challenges the viewer’s habitual idea of the medium-specific
. The method is always the same. Old photographs from archives, or memories, constitute the material for the paintings, which are subsequently staged as photography. As a result the work prompts reflection over its genesis and the story behind it.

The thematic common denominator for the tableaux in the exhibition Playground is the transformation from child to adult
. The series Barfuss addresses the difficult transitional phase between childhood and the teenage years. The works turn a sharp focus on the bare feet on the rustic wooden floor, the long slim legs and the hemline of a skirt. The girl faces an indefinable, empty white room and opens herself up freely to the dream of the future.

The second series, Birte I-VI, follows a young girl in one continuous rhythmic motion in the middle of a gym.
The series bears the marks of both excited and aggressive behaviour, as if in the midst of an intense volleyball match. Birte I-VI was created on the basis of Dehnel’s own teenage memories as an active volleyball player in Amsterdam and her innumerable visits to various gyms. During a later visit to one of the gyms in 2007, Dehnel noticed for the first time how the brightly coloured lines on the floor seemed to form a concrete drawing or pattern, as if it was a work by the Dutch artist and pioneer in the development of Abstraction - Piet Mondrian. In this way the space becomes a work of art in itself, and later the inspiration for the background in several of Sabine Dehnel’s works as presented in the exhibition Playground.

Welcome to the opening
Friday 14th May 5 pm – 7 pm

Martin Asbæk

On the occasion of the Copenhagen Photo Festival 2nd – 20th May 2010, Martin Asbæk Gallery has arranged an Artist Talk on Friday 14th May, 4 pm – 5 pm, where the art consultant Patricia Asbæk will engage in a dialogue with the artist Sabine Dehnel.