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Vibe Bredahl


13. oktober – 29. oktober 2005

Martin Asbæk Projects presents drawings from Vibe Bredahl’s artist book PUN BIRDS. The book is released in connection with the show.

In her visual interpretations of proverbs and phrases Bredahl displays a subtle poetic word game.

If any, proverbs and phrases can be described as verbal stereotypes. Therefore, in an odd way there is something daring about Bredahl’s project. It simply seems too banal for a contemporary artist to engage with.

However, one will immediately see that the project is not a simple matter of illustrating clichés.
In fact, PUN BIRDS is about the relation between word and image.
How words eventually lose their significance when turned into standard metaphors - and how they are being brought back into life by drawings adding new or different meaning to worn out words.

At first glance PUN BIRDS seems to convey a naive and childlike world. This is underlined by the fact that Vibe Bredahl uses Indian ink for her drawings – perhaps the most distinguished drawing tool among children today.

However, the scale differs from most children’s drawings – some measuring up to 120 x 200 cm.
In spite of its playful nature, PUN BIRDS deals with heavy existential topics such as loss, death and unreturned love.

PUN BIRDS is a mixture of words and images, different languages, phrases, proverbs and birds all over. Nothing is steady and meanings constantly change.