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Paris, Adolf, Britney og Cho


Paris, Adolf, Britney og Cho

8 – 30 January 2010

A school killer, Britney Spears without underwear and portraits of cats that look like Hitler! This is just a sample of what we face in the exhibition: Paris, Adolf, Britney and Cho. The artist Niels Bonde (b. 1961) focuses on paparazzi photos, self-fashioning and the quest for fame. The exhibition is a consequence of his own hypothesis, and can therefore be seen as both an art and a research project.

Small ”post its” with comments from the artist is placed on the drawings of the paparazzi ”victims”; Paris, Britney, Lindsay and Christina. Bonde has translated the revealing photographs into two of art history's most traditional media - painting and drawing. In this almost photo-realistic transformation of the size ratio of 1:1 the seriousness of the work seems even more dramatic.

But the tragedy does not stop here. We experience the school massacre at Virginia Tech, through newspaper articles, a portrait of the murderer Cho and a model of the school. Niels Bonde has created an installation that underlines the fact, that this was a carefully planned massacre. Cho used medias like YouTube to spread his message and frustrations, and he achieved his, if not 15 minutes of fame then 15 minutes of shame.

This new media reality has been, more or less used, by a large number of artists since the 1960s. In recent times, Niels Bonde has been a pioneer in the digital art, and today he works with installation, digital media, painting and drawing.

Look around in the world we live in - through Niels Bonde's thoughts until the 30th January 2010.