Elina Brotherus

1 - 30 June 2012

Elina Brotherus (b.1972) is one of Finland’s most international, recognized photographers and video artists. With her second solo exhibition at Martin Asbæk Gallery she invites the viewer on a journey around beautiful French interiors and landscapes. For the past 13 years France has been the artist’s second home, and has thus formed the background for a number of photographic series.

Brotherus’ photographs are poetic and yet down-to-earth. From the early works where subjective experience and love, its presence and absence, were in focus, to the series The New Paintings (2000-04), depictions of aesthetic landscapes from the artist’s everyday life and travels with a special focus on the horizon and the changes in the light.

In 2002 she began the series Model Studies, where the model, often the artist herself, explores the relationship between individual and space, in connection with both interiors and landscapes. Often the model turns her back to the viewer, which gives the photographs a sense of calm absorption rather than confrontation.

Since 2005 Brotherus has been working on the series Artist and her model, which refers on the one hand to her use of other models in relation to herself, and on the other to her interest in ways of regarding her model. The artist’s gaze is neutral, observing, exploratory and sometimes surprising and admiring.

One of the most prominent characteristics of Brotherus’ photographs is the use of herself as model. But these are not merely self-portraits; they are the body viewed purely objectively, and the rendering visible of the artist’s view of the model. The fact that Brotherus herself plays the model is made very clear by the way the camera shutter release cable is often a quite central element.

The exhibition at Martin Asbæk Gallery is retrospective with a selection of new and older works from the past ten years.

Welcome to the opening, Friday 1 June 5-7 p.m.