Ebbe Stub Wittrup

8. november – 1. december 2007

A box of found slides from a hiking trip in Norway in the late 1950’ies creates a conceptual framework for Ebbe Stub Wittrup’sPresumed Reality presented in Martin Asbæk Projects.

Through digital manipulation Stub Wittrup has blurred or sharpened certain elements in the coloured landscapes that have faded over time. This makes the sceneries look rather surreal in shades of violet, blue, pink, green or orange. The patina points towards a distant past yet nostalgia is turned into a more abstract photographic vision.

In a separate room 100 small fragments in different colours are installed in an incomplete grid creating a kind of figures on the walls. The fragments are turning the normal pictorial hierarchy upside down as they consist of backgrounds where the actual motif has been erased in order to focus on less essential matters. A similar ironic gesture is to be found in the sublime landscapes with hikers. The persons in the pictures have been blurred whereas the grass or a mountainside stays sharp.

Presumed Reality seemingly presents something real but in fact what you see is a free interpretation by the artist of a hiking trip that he for obvious reasons did not participate in. In that respect Ebbe Stub Wittrup is also a kind of spectator himself that register and actively manipulates events that seem rather absurd because the prehistory is missing.

Martin Asbæk Projects also presents works form the series at Paris Photo 15 – 18 November. Ebbe Stub Wittrup has been shortlisted for BMW – Paris Photo Photography Prize 2007 with the piece Presumed Reality #4 which will be on display in a separate group show presenting the 14 shortlisted works.

Later this year Ebbe Stub Wittrup will be launching the book Out From Under published by Space Poetry.