Cornelius Quabeck

11th February – 19th March 2011

The dynamic, up-and-coming German artist Cornelius Quabeck is travelling for the first time to Copenhagen with an entourage consisting of 10 new works. An explosion of colours erupts in Quabeck’s intuitive paintings, combined with figurative elements that leap forth in the foreground. The figurative parts are painted in ink, thus creating a stark contrast with the abstract background in acrylics.

The works

A kaleidoscopic fusion of colours and shades accompanies one’s progress through the works, which exist in a tense polarity between the abstract and the figurative. The overlapping layers of paint are woven together and saturate the surface of the canvas. An almost chaotic confusion where colours, from deep blue to turquoise over green to red, seem to wind through one another. With a little imagination the fragmented brushstrokes can suggest the contours of a face or an animal. It is up to the viewer to go exploring in this abstract universe.

The titles
Quabeck has chosen to give the abstract works titles that do not intervene and interact with or directly manipulate the way the viewer looks at the work. The titles mask a highly personal interest in classic electric guitars and the techniques used in applying the paint. Greenburst, for example, refers to a way of painting where the colour becomes darker towards the edge of the guitar. The title 1981 refers to a rare, expensive, green Gibson Les Paul guitar from the year 1981. The references to the guitars are more in the nature of a personal code, but support Quabeck’s work as something permeated by true curiosity.

The artist
Cornelius Quabeck (b. 1974) grew up in Wuppertal in Germany and graduated from the Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2000 with an MA in Fine Art. Quabeck’s unique aesthetic style makes him one of Europe’s most original painters of his generation, and this has resulted in several solo exhibitions in Europe over the past ten years. Worth singling out among others are exhibitions at the Stephen Friedman Gallery, London, Galerie Christian Nagel, Cologne, Fuhrwerkswaage Kunstraum, Cologne.

During the exhibition Summer in the City in 2010, Martin Asbæk Gallery had the pleasure of presenting two new works by Quabeck, which led to the wish for a solo exhibition. We are therefore proud to present a solo exhibition of works by Cornelius Quabeck for the first time in Denmark.