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Clare Woods

The Drama Triangle 2015

Martin Asbæk Gallery is proud to present the British artist Clare Woods’ second solo exhibition in the gallery. For the exhibition The Drama Triangle Woods has created a number of brand new works, all done in oil on aluminium panels. Woods begins the process by sketching her subject directly on the aluminium. The whole process is completed while the panel lies across two trestles so the paint runs down the sides of the frame and leaves a raw impression on the coarsely ground sides.

The Drama Triangle – the scene is set, and a dramatically staged narrative unfolds over the more than ten works exhibited throughout the three rooms of the gallery; a drama between the artist, the work that seduces, and the viewer, who is swallowed up by the universe of the work and cast around among a broad spectrum of frames of reference. From a ballerina’s injured foot and instep through Baselitz’ sculptures, bandaging manuals from the beginning of the 19th century, war photography, hanging Woodcock, Louise Bourgeois, a delicatessen, abnormal creatures, to overflowing still life paintings – there is a network of source material in this new collection of works. In her studio in Herefordshire the artist has a whole box full of her own photographs, cuttings from magazines, postcards from exhibitions and sketches collected over the years – an accumulation of inspiration material and a sampling of memory images; a confusion of directions, yet one which still exhibits a special order and continuity.

Woods has a thoroughly recognizable mode of expression, executed with large, soft brush strokes with a broad but subdued colour spectrum in a slightly abstract universe. The first works were based on depictions of forests and trees, but zooming up close to this organic wilderness of roots, scrub and underground grottoes. The idiom slowly moved on and became brighter with works showing lakes and water as a recurring element, only to move on again to the rocks, stones and roots that typified Woods’ most recent exhibition at the Martin Asbæk Gallery.

Clare Woods (b. 1972 in Southampton, UK) trained at Goldsmiths College in London in 1999. Since then her career has picked up speed, with a suc-­‐ cession of exhibitions at prominent galleries and museums behind her, and representation in collections such as Arken Museum of Modern Art, Denmark; Albright-­‐Knox Art Gallery, NY, USA; The Margulies Collection, Miami, USA; CCA Andratx, Majorca, Spain; Joannou Collection Foundation, Athens, Greece; The National Collection of Wales and others. In December 2014 Woods created a lithographic print at Edition Copenhagen, which can also be bought via the gallery. In August 2015 VIA in Aarhus will unveil an 18 x 10 m work made especially for the newly-­‐built university. A new publication is planned for the end of the year.