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Rasmus Rosengaard & Jens Robert Jørgensen
January 12 – February 10, 2007
BURZUM is a two-person show focusing on ”landscapes of darkness”. Jens Robert Jørgensen (b. 1975) and Rasmus Rosengaard (b. 1979) have studied together at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. They will both graduate this summer.
Jens Robert Jørgensen had his first solo show ”Tingeltangel” in Martin Asbæk Projects 2005. He is represented in the collections of ARKEN – Museum of Modern Art, Ishøj as well as Statens Museum for Kunst/Danish National Gallery, Copenhagen. Rasmus Rosengaard has exhibited in various places in Copenhagen.
The two artists have worked closely together on the exhibition in Martin Asbæk Projects. However, the works on show are individual. The title is referring to a Norwegian death metal band called BURZUM.
Besides music they are both occupied with ”landscapes” – in an abstract sense of the word.
Rosengaard’s paintings and drawings are monochrome. They are completely black. At a distance they look totally abstract, but when you get closer small figurations in shapes of trees or mountains will appear. The paintings are made of sawdust and black oil paint while the drawings are crayon on recycled paper.
Jørgensen presents 3 large paintings in mixed media. He integrates collage techniques in his acrylic paintings on MDF boxes. Cuttings from popular magazines dealing with fashion, cars, science etc. work as figurative elements in his monumental colourful paintings inspired by Fantasy fiction.