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BOXER by Nicolai Howalt was first presented in 2003 in Galerie Asbaek.

It is a photographic portrait project about young boys between 11 and 17 years of age. The starting point of the photographs is young amateur boxers in Denmark and abroad. The photographs are shot in sets of two, one before the match and one just after. The project, as an initial point, is not about winners and losers, likewise the match is secondary. It is rather about expectations, consequences and transformation. It is about establishing a sense of identity during the age of puberty and the consequences that either victory or defeat has on young men of that age.

They are boys and young men who aim to live up to cultural ideas aout masculinity. They risk a lot more than the trophy or a blue eye. A sense of ambiguity appears within their childish naîvety and an aura of brutality, alongside pride, courage and dreams.

BOXER was released as a book in 2003, ArtPeople, Copenhagen, Denmark. In September 2011 78 BOXER was realeased by the publischer HJØRRING, Denmark. The book contains 78 diptych portraits from the series BOXER.