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Born 1975, Tacoma (Washington, USA)
Lives and works in Berlin, New York and Boston

Matt Saunders studied at Harvard, Cambridge and at Yale University, where he was trained as a painter. He has been the recipient of the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation award (2009) and the Prix Jean- François Prat award (2013). Matt Saunders has exhibited his work internationally at such institutions as the Tate Liverpool (2012) and the Renaissance Society, Chicago (2010). His work has been shown in group exhibitions at the Aspen Art Museum, Colorado (2011), the Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin (2008), the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco (2008), and P.S. 1 MoMA, Long Island City (2001).

Saunders works are a painting/photography hybrid whose final form is a photographic print. At their most basic, his works begin with small ink on mylar sketches derived from film and television stills. These mylar sketches are then used as negatives, either contact printed (laid directly on top of photo paper and then developed), or placed in an enlarger. As negatives, the mylar sketches are done in reverse-those parts which appear lighter in the photograph are darker on the painted negative and vice versa.